How it works

The Fund helps the poorest sections of society and is located in Punjab, India. Typically we lend interest-free loans of between 100 and 200 (10,000 to 20,000 Rupees) to women or men aged between the ages of 18 and 60. Loans are provided to families who have the ability or desire to create a small micro-business enabling them to lift themselves out of poverty. These tiny loans are enough for hardworking micro-entrepreneurs to start or expand small businesses such as weaving baskets, raising chickens, tea stalls or buying wholesale products to sell in a market. Income from these businesses provides better food, housing, health care and education for entire families, and most important, additional income provides hope for a better future

Step by step process in more detail

Step 1
Donors donate to the Help the People Fund in order to provide funds for the provision of interest-free loans

Step 2
The Fund management team will meet people in the local villages of Punjab and select recipients based on their personal circumstances and needs.

Step 3
An interest-free loan will be authorised, typically between 100 to 200 and provided to the recipient.

Step 4
The management team will ensure they regularly keep up to date with how the recipient is doing and provide support as necessary

Step 5
After a pre-determined period, the recipient will pay back the loan with no interest payable.

Step 6
These monies will then be re-invested into another interest-free loan to another recipient.