The Help the People Fund is a small charity organisation which provides interest-free loans to help families work their way out of poverty. The fund is a microfinance institution, focused on the urban poor. It is headquartered in Punjab, India and was founded in March 2007.


What is microfinance?

Microfinance for us means providing poor families with very small interest-free loans (microcredit) to help them engage in productive activities or grow tiny businesses such as weaving baskets or buying wholesale products to sell in a market. When they pay back the loan, this money can be used to benefit further families. Simply put it is giving a helping hand to people so that they can help themselves.

Our Mission Statement

To make available regular, reliable and efficient assistance to the urban poor in a sustainable and scaleable manner, so as to assist the poor in building their own capacity to cross the poverty line and meet aspirations for a better and more secure future.